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Shallow analyse abandons the old balata influence to industry of our country rec

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According to statistic, whole world old tire is current already stockpile 3 billion, and with annual 1 billion number rises, among them 15 country adds the European Union newly every year 250 million. These not the data of high polymer flexibility of frit or difficult frit is long-term open air piles up, take up not only a large number of land, and breed a mosquito extremely easily, pestiferous, cause fire. If be used as fuel simply, can cause serious air pollution. Actually, tire by balata raw material of stretch perhaps glue, carbon black, metal, spin, zinc oxide, sulfur is mixed other add composition to comprise, these composition can reclaim completely recycle, produce circular effect.

Our country is the country with relatively in short supply resource of an unripe glue, according to our country of authoritative branch statistic annual the 50 ﹪ left and right sides of reclaimed rubber wastage needs an import, search origin of balata raw material to reach its to substitute material is a few acting Scientists and Technologists of our country and course of study the task that wife person struggles not to cease for it. Accordingly, the author thinks serious appropriate has handled useless old balata, to making full use of the renewable resources, deficient that casts off rich, reduce environmental pollution, improve people live the environment has very far-reaching active meaning and real sense. The our country of not complete count that waits for concerned guild according to Society of Rubber Industry of Chinese oil and chemical industry association, China abandons old balata utilization rate to be 50 ﹪ left and right sides about, be less than the 30 ﹪ of western developed country. Meanwhile, in our country not little place is opposite the processing of useless old balata still adopts more primitive burning, fill bury wait for a processing technique. But adopt all sorts of encouragement in western country measure undertakes reclaiming to useless old tire recycle, expand circular economy. For example, france from last centuries 80 time rise to prohibit filling bury, discard and burn old tire, support old tire to reclaim to do poineering work and be managed of the enterprise through reducing the kind such as duty, allowance at the same time, encourage the research and development of this one domain. Multinomial old tire sticks a face to renovate technology of production of secondary material of recycle, useless old balata and application to be born from this. The practice of the effort of French government and enterprise proves again, bury is worn below big hill of old tire black gloden " sunny industry " , scale of investment of estate of second birth of useless old tire is not large, profit space is not little, want fluctuation be of one mind only, operation difficulty is not great also. 1993, french tire manufacturer, distributors and each reclaim the enterprise holds water " old tire reclaims with environmental protection association " . Government of after this France publishs old tire to enforce absorption method compasses, reclaim to what the manufacturer sets the task plan ton number, do not see manufacturer home and brand, because of these 14 production business decides to invest 265 thousand euro, will " old tire reclaims with environmental protection association " register Aliyapier joint-stock company, recruited ten experts, only the thing is harmonious with the organization, in order to make sure old tire crosses a trade, cross those who cross a brand to reclaim is enterprise, orderly undertake. This company divides tire quadruplet by the type, upstream produces what collect different order and degree with distributors to reclaim the service is expended. The per cent that serves each content to take total charge cleans 15 ﹪ to collect 25 ﹪ , classification respectively, carry 20 ﹪ , face-lifting or second birth 25 ﹪ , scientific research 10 ﹪ , management 5 ﹪ . The company will reclaim at the same time task subcontract gives downstream many 100 old tire handles a business, coach at the same time, attemper and examine and verify their task in finished state. Enterprise of many 100 environmental protection is in charge of complete France nearly 80 thousand tire are made, sale and long car site and public old tire reclaim, classification, clean, original shape changes make, face-lifting, decompose and reclaimed rubber and glue pink production. As a result of,making economy of this one loop develop flourishingly is on December 29, 2002, french government promulgated to reclaim compulsively the code of useless old tire. According to code, since 2003, the tire production of French churchyard and distributors put the market on every year how many tons of new tire, must reclaim second year the old tire with ton of equal number, reclaim charge is assumed by production and distributors entirely. But this charge can infiltrate tire price. Discovery of public opinion poll, the consumer of 78 ﹪ is willing to assume environmental protection obligation, be willing a few euro assure overpay recycle of every tire loop. Mijilin, firm includes below this policy 14 distinctive, Shi Qiao firms that be produced in France and sell tire decide to combine the operation, rely on France to abandon old tire to return knock off industry already some foundations, the path of the settlement that changes through dimensions, will finish legal reclaim the cost of quota falls lowest. In fact, before this France and country of other Western Europe take step actively, cause in order to eliminate old tire " black is polluted " . Accordingly, be in our country to carry out circular economy is feasible not only, also be necessary. We expect the concept of circular economy to be able to blossom and bear fruit on Chinese earth heartily, make our country moves toward bright future along the broad road that can develop continuously.
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