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Rubber industry should grow circular economy to satisfy demand breach quickly

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As economy fast, develop continuously, home market appeared to grow more quickly to the demand of balata resource. As a result of resource of our country balata very deficient, the personage inside course of study puts forward, use circular economy to develop property of our country balata in order to satisfy demand breach, have very important sense.


   - - growth of demand of domestic balata resource is rapid, breach is increased ceaselessly

According to world balata research is organized (IRSG) report, our country used up balata 2005 440. 60 thousand tons, than going up year of growth 8. 3 % , occupy the world to use up the 5 above of 1 / of gross. From 2002 the whole nation uses up balata resource to amount to 3.06 million tons to rise, our country has become the whole world 4 years to use up country of first of balata resource gross continuously. Since 1999, our country is annual the wastage of balata increases by degrees with the speed of 10 % above, to 2005, gross value of industrial output of present price of our country balata is total 2189. 300 million yuan. But our country is resource of a balata very the country of deficient, 2005, 46 of resource of countrywide balata market. 7 % , others is satisfied by the entrance. Develop as economic abidance, the in short supply rate of resource of our country balata is constant also aggravate, and be in the condition that demand exceeds supply for a long time, especially contradiction of natural balata supply and demand is more outstanding. According to estimation of Chinese Society of Rubber Industry, our country natural balata is actual 2006 crop is controlled in 600 thousand tons, breach is 900 thousand tons. Meanwhile, our country consumes a process every year in, the useless balata resource of generation measures the addition as rubber products wastage synchronous growth. The expert predicts, the whole nation abandoned the output of balata to will amount to 2.8 million tons 2010. On one hand balata resource demand increases quickly, and resource is in short supply for a long time; On the other hand useless balata produces a quantity to increase in synchronism. How to become useless to be treasure, make up for the inadequacy of resource, the growth of contented demand is the problem that solves urgently currently.


   - - of useless balata reclaim recycle is had cannot replace a gender

Current, of useless balata reclaim and use integratedly already obtained remarkable result, become the important pillar that circular economy implements in industry of our country rubber. According to balata guild statistic, the whole nation uses useless balata every year to produce pink of reclaimed rubber, glue to amount to 1.3 million tons, the utilization rate of useless balata is controlled in 70 % ; Use a company many 400, among them crop has many 60 in the enterprise of 5000 tons of above, the quantity is produced per year to amount to 50 thousand tons highestly in the enterprise; Manufacturing product is used extensively at the domain such as construction of rubber industry, building materials industry, traffic, city construction; Some products are exported directly or export via treatment hind; The equipment that abandons balata resource to use place to need, environmental protection, auxiliary got developing more quickly.
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