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Let a city " 3 useless " rise circularly

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As " economy of Harbin city loop develops a program " one of 5 keys domains economy of loop of city and social domain plans to put the emphasis in city life sewage irrigation works is used, resource of city life rubbish is changed use, useless old material reclaims 3 respects such as recycle, made respectively the near future and in long-dated target.

Use a program according to the water in city life sewage, the water in breathing out city to will choose dweller village is answered directly with strong lavatory, the water in organization of mechanism school society is answered with, the water in wet ground is being built to wait after afforest of block of landscape of urban inland river, park uses plant of sewage of water, classics to handle is answered with mode, build section water city. To 2010, the irrigation works in community of residence of whole town key is used participate in population to be able to amount to above of 300 thousand person, realize day of managing water 50 thousand tons of above. Construction day treats foul water 200 thousand tons Home He channel group power sewage treatment plant, use deepness to handle dosage of benefit of technical second birth 50 thousand tons, monarch the irrigation works in building uses area of experiment of wet ground of give somebody a new lease on life.

Resource of city life rubbish is changed in using a program, put forward to build resource of city life rubbish to change use integratedly with processing plant, the program is divided period. First phase plans 2 day to handle city life rubbish plant of 500 tons of integrated processing, among them 18.24 % make fertilizer, 72 % burn; 2 period plan a day to handle life rubbish plant of 1000 tons of integrated processing. Should realize resource of city life rubbish to change utilization rate 2010 50 % ; Resource of city life rubbish changed utilization rate to achieve 80 % 2020.

To 2010, useless old material reclaims recycle rate achieves 87.5 % ; To 2020, implementation abandons old material to reclaim recycle leads 92.5 % , abandon a metal to reclaim among them recycle leads 95 % .

Breath out city general from plumbic acerbity accumulator reclaim of products of recycle, rubber reclaim recycle, construction abandons old car to tear open solution to use base integratedly, build useless old home appliance and computer to disassemble the respect proceed with such as the system, undertake rubbish and useless old material reclaim living use. Among them of plumbic acerbity accumulator reclaim recycle, in wanting pair of useless accumulator, useless leading, useless acid is reached useless plastic, the choice is answered directly with reach make maintenance part, smelt craft reclaims lead and antimony, fittings of useless plastic housing reclaims use; Of rubber products reclaim recycle wants recycle of pair of useless old tire, treatment uses pitch of road surface of material, bitumen, modified with Yu Yujiao, fender, buoy, protection waterproof a material; Useless old car tears open solution to use base integratedly to want the classification that to discarding as useless the car tears open solution, useless old spare parts and glass, plastic, fiber to reclaim to be used with speak or sing alternately; Useless old home appliance and computer disassemble the system points to build useless old home appliance to disassemble system, form 500 thousand to disassemble of ability specialization system.
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