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Useless old " electronic rubbish " pollution is used badly circularly urgently

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According to concerning sectional analysis, since last year, our country has 6 million 4 million 5 million television, freezer, washing machine every year to achieve at least discard as useless fixed number of year; Predict after 2008, the product of useless old electron that needs processing every year amounts to 5 million tons. In addition, accelerate as what the electronic product such as computer, mobile phone, VCD, DVD changes, discard as useless the amount also will rise quickly. How be called these better " electronic rubbish " useless old product reclaims to be used circularly, be worth to cause take seriously.

Experts put forward, "Electronic rubbish " it is treasure all over, contain metal of a lot of nonferrous metal, black, plastic, balata, glass to wait can offer reclaiming renewable resources, product of a few useless old electrons still contains the precious metal such as gold, silver-colored, copper, stannum, chromic, platinic, palladium. It is in order to dismantle engine of go to the toilet exemple, a mobile phone can tear open solution to give a variety of component part, if handle Electromechanical pool reclaims,scrape up goes to a ton, can abstract a 200 grams gold, and ore of every tons of common gold can abstract 2 grams gold only. And, "Electronic rubbish " in contain a large number of harmful and toxic material again, if discard at will, burn, bury, can produce many waste liquid, waste gas, waste residue, pollute an environment badly.

Our country " electronic rubbish " use circularly start later, development is rapidder. These a few years, concerned branch came on stage early or late " useless old home appliance and electronic product reclaim processing regulation " , " electronic information product pollutes control government measure " wait for policy code, drove electronic Information Industry progressively change is most environmental protection, most the green industry of resource conservation. Be in at present " long triangle " , " bead trigonometry " area, already a lot of is solve in order to tear open " electronic rubbish " the enterprise that gives priority to business Wu, formed the circular economy of a kind of be worthy of the name, solved obtain employment problem on one hand, managing the country invests, reduced resource to use up on the other hand with litter discharge. This one " cheap renewable resources + is cheap and secondhand equipment + is cheap labour force = is cheap product " " electronic rubbish " use pattern circularly, those who highlighted resource is efficient use, highlighted be used up with least resource and the economic society benefit with environmental cost the greatest pursuit, be worth to popularize.

To " electronic rubbish " the development trend that uses circularly, we must have sober knowledge. Should perfect further on one hand " electronic rubbish " reclaim system and concentration handle a system, come on stage as soon as possible right " electronic rubbish " the enterprise that tear open solution, useless old goods and materials reclaims of the enterprise about urge measure. Should draw lessons from abroad to develop on the other hand " electronic rubbish " the successful experience of the industry that tear open solution, carry out clean production energetically, with a view to produces fountainhead and manufacturing whole course, make full use of renewable resources, decrease to trash arises and be discharged, the consciousness that lets environment of resource conservation, protection become member of every enterprise, village, unit and every society acts, walk out of the way that a circular economy that fits our country national condition grows truly.
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